writing and art beyond walls, beyond borders

Do I Have a Right to Art?

Dom Omladine, Americana Hall, Belgrade
6 November 2014

European conference: working with disadvantaged groups and institutions through art and the creative process

The Conference explores the theme of introducing art disciplines and creative processes into working with disadvantaged groups within institutions such as prisons, centres, shelters, hospitals, day care centres, psychiatric hospitals, etc.

Previous results obtained through projects and realised activities of many individuals, art groups and non-governmental organisations give proof of excellence and directly demonstrate how crucially important access to art is as well as active participation in the creative process for populations who are somehow isolated, displaced or disconnected from the mainstream social events.

After the conference, an exhibition was opened, PAROL! art and writing beyond walls, beyond borders, with works that were created in co-creation between visual artists and ex-offenders, children and children under custody of the Institute for Children and Adolescents and Children’s Shelter.