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ACT34 Physical theatre
since 4 August 2014
Saluzzo prison, IT
artists: Nagi Tartamella and Florian Lasne

PHYSICAL THEATRE is a dance and theatre performance which is the result of a co-creative work process between two groups of inmates of Saluzzo and Torino prison and two dance and theatre artists from France. The artists guided the inmates step by step to explore space, body and group environment. Haikus, poetry and ceramics were used as source of inspiration. The inmates’ imagination gave form to the dance and theatre performance. In the context of isolation and alienation of inmates, dance and theatre not only contributes to their self-expression but also helps to re-establish social interaction with co-inmates, family members and society outside the prison walls. Being part of a co-creative work process, inmates become more confident and reconstruct their capacity to re-socialise in society. PHYSICAL THEATRE is an expression of participative citizenship.