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ACT29 Creative Writing - Masks
Give yourself a face (Geef jezelf een gezicht)
10-24 March 2014
Dendermonde prison, BE
artists: Anne Smits and Nand Huyghe
in collaboration with SAMWD Dendermonde

GIVE YOURSELF A FACE is a cross-over between image and word. Sculptor Nand Huyghe made masks from the participants (inmates and volunteers from the art academy). The masks were shaped in plaster in the prison and finalized in wax in his work place. Based on this experience writer and tutor Anne Smits started creative writing sessions. The texts were collected in a folder with a graphic design.

The results of both creations were assembled in a poetic video presentation made by a student of Anne. In this way masks and texts come together with the atmosphere of the co-creative working process.