writing and art beyond walls, beyond borders

ACT26 Haibun and Renga
9 April - 16 July 2014
Saluzzo prison, IT
29 April - 22 July 2014
Torino prsion, IT
artist: Antonella Filippi

This workshop offered to prisoners the opportunity to live an experience of integration of physical, cognitive, emotional, cultural and social hints, through the poetic word. It also offered some tools for better bringing to light the similarities and the points of contact with other cultures and the possibility to compare with other European prisoners about the experiences gained.

During the meetings the technical structure of haiga, haibun and renku/renga was explained. After relaxation and visualisation exercises they started to write. The slowness and the observation also of a small external space brought to the observation of the internal space and to the written expression of one’s own truth.

The haiga, haibun and renku composed during these meetings (Kasen Renku in Saluzzo and Han-Kasen Renku in Turin) will be collected in a volume and shown in 3 exhibitions (InGenio and Circolo dei Lettori in Turin and Muntpunt in Brussels), transforming an "invisible" material in an active testimony of elements either purely personal or ordinary, in which the past, the present and the hopes for the future of everyone mingle and become a physical, symbolic and social voice.