writing and art beyond walls, beyond borders

ACT17 Ceramica and raku
since 22 July 2014
Saluzzo prison, IT
artist: Anna Maria Verrastro

The laboratory wants to give to the users the possibility to know and to express themselves, to compare themselves through the learning of techniques and to live creative situations that belong to man’s history and evolution. Exercises of observation, sensory-motor and perceptive exercises, experiments and experimentations of the materials, in free and guided forms, to discover aesthetical relationships and to tell one’s own emotional and creative story, to know and to accept other people’s story. This course interacts with a parallel knowledge of history, artistic education, sciences, geography, allowing the participants to know and to experiment the manual and creative backgrounds of man and of the societies in which he has acted. Planning, manipulation, finishing and firing of clay products. Relationships and possibilities of assemblage with recycled materials complete the laboratory: from the approach to the knowledge, to the experimentation of the material, to reach the ability to tell oneself through a finished product that has transformed the haiku or other texts produced in the laboratory of Creative Writing. Also the clay-ceramics makes possible to experiment a "passage" and a "transformation".