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ACT16 Good morning Poesia
4 March - 26 August 2014
Torino prison, IT
12 March - 24 August 2014
Saluzzo prison, IT
artist: Pietro Tartamella

Every week we broadcasted a poem, a thought, an aphorism, a text read by the prisoners already trained in the reading aloud laboratories of the project PAROL!. A poem chosen and selected by them. A poem every week with which to wish good morning to everybody in the prison, to sow seeds of emotional reflection and meditation.

The objective is to make Good Morning Poesia to become a habit, a ritual, a “tradition” of the District Penitentiary, managed autonomously and responsibly by the prisoners.

The prisoners that will begin this tradition, in anticipation of their trasnfer to other prisons or being released, will also have the task to pass on to other prisoners the ritual to read aloud a poem every week. A sort of "handing over the baton" so that the "tradition" can continue.