writing and art beyond walls, beyond borders

ACT12 Restorative Justice Workshop
Walls talk ("Muren Vertellen")
4-13 July 2013
Dendermonde prison, BE
artists: Peter Verbruggen and Lotte Dodion
facilitators: Jan De Cock and Hilde Van Geel

Writer and performer Lotte Dodion, visual artist and graphic designer Peter Verbruggen and the non-profit organisation Within-Without-Walls worked on a creative writing and visual arts project in Dendermonde prison with a number of prisoners, victims and citizens.

Lotte Dodion started with short writing exercises, combining personal messages with humour in a graphic and visual manner. Peter Verbruggen joined the activity focusing on the graphical element.

The inmates chose the most dominant colours inside the prison walls, while the victims and the citizens chose the most dominant colours outside the walls. They painted these colours onto wooden panels. Together they also produced large paintings on wood: a diptych and a triptych showing a personal motif combined with word and image.

Within-Without-Walls acted as mediator throughout the process by reconciling the differing opinions of the inmates and the victims. This resulted in a unique collaboration. The two groups are still in contact.