writing and art beyond walls, beyond borders

ACT04 Reading aloud
2 October - 4 December 2013
Saluzzo prison, IT
8 October - 10 December 2013
Torino prison, IT
artist: Pietro Tartamella

Through the use of voice the inmates rediscover the beauty of reading as a collective ritual, tool of communication and socialization. The written word emerges and comes to life with voice, it urges to share the ritual stimulating the imagination, it educates and improves the ability to listen, it explores the possibilities of the language. To read, to read, to read short stories, poems, fairy tales, haiku, with passion, to regain possession of a lost ability and, who knows, perhaps of a talent that lies asleep.

With appropriate oral games, and with the practice of the creative reading aloud, one discovers (and understands) the inner censor, the inhibitory impulses, the fear to compromise oneself, that prevent the many-sided possibilities of voice from unfolding.