writing and art beyond walls, beyond borders

Circolo dei Lettori, Turin
Ingenio, Shop of the Ancient Arts and Crafts of the Municipality of Turin
30 January - 18 February 2015

Exhibition of the hand-manufactured raku ceramics and antiqued terracottas, haiku and texts of the prisoners of the prisons in Saluzzo and in Turin.

The reading group Verbavox of the 6th Disctrict of Turin gave its voice to the haiku and the short stories written by the prisoners and to the particularly meaningful text of the letter “IN THE NAME OF EVERYBODY”, written by Massimiliano from Saluzzo prison. An exchange of feelings and emotions created a deep sensation of connection.
The reading opened the second exhibition of the manufactured objects elaborated by the inmates who took part in the project PAROL! in these two years.
The place, the Shop of the Ancient Arts and Crafts, established to show the works of the disabled in Turin, was chosen for its ability to accept, respect and pay attention to art produced by apparently fragile communities

The disabled and the prisoners met in the two prisons for a theatrical exchange and in the shop with their art, their thoughts, their fears, their sensitivities. There will be an active part in society that tries to isolate them, depriving them also of the freedom of expression. Art cannot be imprisoned: it can be given as a gift, it can be shown, it can be shared. This is the right place. For ceramics, for raku, for poetry, for the strength of the words and of the ties that words can create. There is no worldliness here, here there is poetry.