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ARTéfacts Ensemble

Thiva Prison, Athens
2 October 2014

Audiovisual performance

For the first time, the Artéfacts Ensemble performed music pieces using sounds that were recorded by the inmates of Thiva Prison during a PAROL! workshop. The database of sounds was sent to different composers in Europe, who got inspired by it to compose new original pieces. The composers Laurent Durupt (France), Baláz Horváth (Hungary), Branka Popovic (Serbia), Maurillio Cacciotore (Italy), Dimitris Andrikopoulos and Nikolaos Tzortzis (Greece), created a mix of sounds, which was turned into a one hour audiovisual performance by the Artéfacts Ensemble.

They decided to perform the pieces for the first time inside the Thiva Prison. In this way, the creation returned to where it all began and the inmates became the audience of their own voices.